About ICS Wear Group

International Castings has been serving the industrial sectors in North and South America for over two decades. In 2005, it was apparent that International Castings needed a pump division so ICS Wear Group was created. Within this division, we recognized the opportunity to provide the world-wide mining market with an alternative choice in their slurry applications.

Our products consist of the latest design in high performance pumping equipment for abrasive, corrosive and erosive mining environments. Our ability to directly relate with the customer and the subsequent relationships we have developed have allowed us to design and patent hundreds of new parts that not only replace but outperform the pre-existing competitors.

We have built a solid reputation for integrity, service and honest value. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and maintaining long-term customer relationships by doing whatever we can to keep your business in operation. No matter how much we have grown we have never forgotten our roots as a family business serving valued clients with nothing but our best.

For over two decades, we have given timely repairs, precision fabrication and technical innovation.  We offer replacement  parts for all of your  Warman® AH applications and a complete line of pumps up to 20 by 18 inch systems. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of pumps and parts. ICS Wear Group will also continue research and development into new solutions for your current wear issues.

It takes a terrific team to build a family business into a company capable of serving heavy industry all over the world.


Our company is built on the foundation of improving wear life to the large number of components that make up the various plants on a mine-site. This could include, but is not limited to chutes, elbows, piping, wear plate, castings, mill liners, discharge and feed ends, crusher parts, rock moils/breakers (ie. Thunderbolt replacements or up to 20 foot moils), grizzly bars, shaker tables, scroll caps and breaker tips, truck bed liners, and/or specialty products.

With each project or casting, we have a implemented the very successful company wide ICS.PrPD (Proprietary Product Development) 12-Step Program that ensures ICS representatives are working directly with the customer throughout the entire process. This program has been backed by a 97% improvement in product design over the OEM.

A simple layout would look something like this:

  1. Address problem with correct mine-site personnel
  2. Discuss current issues and/or operating conditions causing problem AND discuss optimal solution (For example are we addressing a wear issue, delivery issue, pricing issue, or new product design?)
  3. Have introductory look at sample or drawing . . . site visit may be required.
  4. With a sample, we are going to complete our in-house due diligence, which includes analyzing of wear patterns, material hardness, material composition, and internal structuring of part (How can we design this part to be site specific to the issues you are facing on-site??)
  5. ICS provides our recommendation, which is to be discussed and agreed upon by customer
  6. Complete ICS drawing of product showing improvements and other modifications made (ie. material change, hardness change, etc)
  7. You, the customer signs off on drawing
  8. ICS designs and completes construction of new pattern and core boxes
  9. ICS pours casting and completes quality control and tolerance control of new casting
  10. If required, ICS machines casting to tolerances previously agreed upon
  11. ICS completes overall product QC program
  12. ICS ships product for immediate installation

The above 12 step program has allowed us to complete our latest project at an international Diamond Mine; this project included replacing all piping, tee castings, and elbow castings of their pneumo dryer system. We also included proprietary spacer joints, which have further increased the wear life of their operation. (spending and repairs were cut by 300%) – Yesterday we confirmed our intentions to visit both Diavik Diamond Mine and Yukon Zinc.

In working with ICS, we guarantee that the products/services we have provided such companies both locally and internationally as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Unimin, and FMI will exceed your current expectations.

Why choose us

With over 80 separate shipping accounts and personal custom agents, we guarantee your products to arrive safely and securely regardless of how they are shipped – air, land, or sea, and where.

We are your global wear component specialists.

Today we are able to offer you the highest quality of mining equipment and pumps; always maintaining our excellence of integrity, respect, and customer service.

Our goal is resolve your site concerns, ensuring that optimal performance is achieved and mining personnel are kept safe. Addressing your requirements, always there for you.


Paul Pipke

Graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, with a minor in International Sales.  He began his career working at Wilmington Finance and became one of the top mortgage brokers in the business.  His salesmanship skills brought him to International Castings in early 2005.

Paul’s ability to address the concerns of all customers has accelerated the growth of the company in the last two years, and lead in the creation of partner company, ICS Wear Group. Paul’s drive within the sales market has lead to ICS products being distributed by more than ten representatives across the United States and Canada.  Paul has a fine attention to details, which has lead to improvements on existing products within the diamond mine industry.

Christina Pendergast

Graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Science. She began working for International Castings in 2001 and now manages the company, as well as being heavily involved in the growth and successes of ICS Wear Group.


ICS Products are designed to outperform the competitor’s at cost-effective pricing.  Fewer costly downtimes, both long and short term savings, and an option for free stocking are some of the benefits ICS has to offer their customers.