ICS 200 Ceramic Wear Epoxy

ICS.200 – Cures in less than 8 minutes with applied heat "Our guys tried the ICS.200 with some heat this morning and it worked like a hot damn!” ICS 200 Ceramic Wear Epoxy ICS 200 Ceramic Wear epoxy, which gives your components 3X the wear protection when matched against competing products. Increase Machine Life &…
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High Pressure Pumps

ICS Wear Group is proud to introduce the ICS.HPP (High Pressure Pumps) - completely lined high pressure pumps for multi-stage applications. In addition to these new pumps, ICS Wear Group offers replacement pump parts for the competitor’s AHP/AHPP models. Complete new pumps are designed for high pressure operations. Completely lined ductile iron casings provides greater…
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ICS Wear Group Supplied 10 Pumps For A Mine Expansion ICS Wear Group supplied 10 pumps for a mine expansion in the USA, made up of our 30% high chrome volute, impeller, throat bushing, and frame plate liner insert with 30% high chrome investment cast expeller seal arrangement, complete with custom CV motor mounting style…
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For the past two decades ICS has been placing experienced crews in mine-sites around the world to install mill lining and mill liners. ICS understands the importance of protecting the mill, protecting the liners, and ensuring that the mill operates in a safe and efficient manner. With over a dozen crew members and two mine foremen certified; we guarantee to get your mill up and operating in a timely and professional manner.

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    The ICS.HP sleeve overlay maintains the correct combination of properties that allow for exceptional performance.

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ICS HP Sleeves The ICS.HP sleeve overlay maintains the correct combination of properties that allow for exceptional performance.  The combination of high hardness, high density, high bond strength, non-galling, low friction and exceptional corrosion resistance allows ICS.HP sleeves to outperform many exotic “high performance” coatings in the most demanding abrasive pumping applications. A packing application…
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Seal Arrangements

Mechanical Seal Kit for 1.5x1 pump includes: sleeve, mechanical seal, mechanical seal adaptor and frame plate liner insert. Seal arrangements, stuffing boxes and expellers in stainless steel, iron or ICS.CrWI28 high chrome white iron (our minimum is 28% HCWI)

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Bearing Assemblies

Bearing assemblies with Western bearings, stainless steel end covers, and shipped in custom crates to prevent against environmental and shipping hazards.


All discharge joint rings, intake joint rings, o-rings and seals in material including EPDM rubber, commercial Nitrile, Butyl, Hypalon, Neoprene and Viton.
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HIGH PERFORMANCE PUMP GUARDS ICS Wear Group has developed a strong and powerful pump cover manufactured in materials ranging from Mild Steel to Stainless Steel to Aluminum. Covers are designed to fit the ICS High Performance line of pumps, as well as the “AH” Series of pumps, ranging in size from 1.5x1 up to and…
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Proprietary materials also available; included are ceramics and coatings (ie. Sleeves, Lantern rings and restrictors) Engineers available to work with you on customizing all parts (ICS proprietary alloys) you would like to change or prolong wear life (ie. Pump parts, chutes, elbows, piping, wear plate, liners, etc)