• Artem-casings-(2)

  • cover plate liner

  • cpl with impeller


ICS Wear Group has developed a strong and powerful pump cover manufactured in materials ranging from Mild Steel to Stainless Steel to Aluminum. Covers are designed to fit the ICS High Performance line of pumps, as well as the “AH” Series of pumps, ranging in size from 1.5×1 up to and including 20×18. Our pump covers meet the safety standards and operational requirements outlined for slurry pumps worldwide.


Each custom pump cover consists of a vertical seam and user-friendly fastening system that allows for quick, safe, and efficient installation, while maximizing up-time and eliminating unnecessary downtimes.


The manner to which these pump covers are manufactured ensures that all standard maintenance and performance inspections can be achieved.

Key Features of the ICS Pump Covers:
  • Operator safety
  • Cost effective
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Quick and efficient mounting and removal
  • Continuous vibration analysis point access once cover is installed
  • Ease of viewing
  • Custom hardware
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