ICS.200 – Cures in less than 8 minutes with applied heat

“Our guys tried the ICS.200 with some heat this morning and it worked like a hot damn!”

ICS 200 Ceramic Wear Epoxy

ICS 200 Ceramic Wear epoxy, which gives your components 3X the wear protection when matched against competing products.

Increase Machine Life & Reduce Downtime & Component Wear

Armour your components against wear, corrosion, and abrasion with ICS-200 ceramic linings. Our ceramic wear epoxy withstands the impact of modern production, increasing the life of your machinery by upwards of 60 per cent and reducing unplanned downtime. Whatever your industry, ICS Ceramic Wear Epoxy is your solution.

Mining & Mineral Powder Industries

Excessive wear and abrasion is inevitable when dealing with the mining and mineral powder industries. Elaborate production systems must withstand the challenges posed by maximum tonnages and high impact abrasion. To improve productivity, you need increased wear resistance. Our ceramic linings are the solution for increasing the service life of your pumps, chutes, skirt boards, and other equivalent components.

Iron & Steel

Wear resistant products are relied upon in the iron and steel industry. The principle processes within this industry create much wear and abrasion. Our unique ceramic solutions are a cost-effective way to give products such as piping, hoppers, elbows, and chutes increased durability and a longer service life.


In the coal industry, pipe systems suffer from high levels of wear due to the movement of fuel within the pipes. To combat these high levels of wear on piping, valve components, ducts, and other coal system components, use our ICS-200 ceramic wear epoxy. Our engineering expertise gives you economical wear resistance that increases your operating efficiency.


To minimize unscheduled down time in the aluminum industry, ICS can protect your components against abrasion with a customized wear resistant system. This economical solution – especially when compared to the cost of equipment replacement and/or repair – requires ICS to work with you to design, engineer and manufacture protection custom-designed to match your operation.

Cost Analysis of ICS-200 wear protection

As shown below, use of ICS-200 ceramic epoxy can save you thousands of dollars. The example below is based on approximate costs covering the service life of two 1x/8 size slurry pumps, one of which has main components protected with ICS-200 and one which is not protected.

Our line of ceramic wear epoxy outperforms competing products like Belzona, Devcon, and Nordbak at a 3 to 1 ratio under similar conditions. ICS-200 gives you the option of either:
  • Protecting your pre-existing castings or
  • Re-build such items as pump casings, impellers, moils, truck liners, grizzly roll bars, and all crusher and mill liners.

This product is consumer friendly coming complete with MSDS sheets, but most importantly, with applied heat, will cure in less than one hour.

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