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ICS Thick Liners

The ICS.HP.TL (thick liners) are 2.0 to 2.5cm thicker and weigh approximately 20% more than our standard ICS.HP.RR (natural rubber) liners.  The outside dimensions of the liners are exactly the same as standard liners, in order to ensure proper fit with the cover plate and frame plate.  The thick liner design can prolong wear life, particularly in some extremely high wearing applications, such as a mill discharge.  Thick liners are often used in conjunction with reduced eye impellers, which also prolong wear life.

Benefits of ICS.HP Thick Liners:
  • Prolong wear life specifically in extremely high wearing conditions
  • Fewer liner change-outs, saving money
  • Significant improvement in running time, saving money


ICS Wear Group, committed to providing you with innovative solutions to challenges of handling bulk material on your conveyor belts, as well as protecting your chutes and liners from premature failure often caused by erosion, impact, and abrasion.


For decades, ICS Wear Group has worked, and continues to work closely with mine site personnel to engineer and develop solutions for you. The ICS High Performance CR Plate, with its high alumina ceramic and the impact absorbing properties of ICS’s natural reinforced infused rubber (NRI) is a proven solution. The ICS CR Liners stands alone in the industry; the absorbing qualities of the plate are designed in a manner that places rubber between the bottom of the ceramic and a steel backing plate, ensuring that the abrasion resistant ceramic is protected from impact damage by the shock absorbing NRI Rubber. All CR Liners are designed to specified mounting holes, countersunk for a correct fit every time.


To ensure that you are choosing the correct rubber lining when faced with the handling loads of your conveyor belts, consider the physical properties and your rubber’s thickness and quality. Thickness is critical; liners must be able to fully absorb and dissipate the energies created due to the falling material forward and downward (velocity) in order to generate maximum wear life.


ICS High Performance natural reinforced infused (NRI) rubber products are recognized as a global leader when it comes to innovative and quality wear resistant products. Designed to meet your expectations, whether in the field to protect against abrasion, impact / heavy impact, or erosion the ICS CR Liners will you running longer and at industry saving pricing.

ICS’s Natural Reinforced Infused (NRI) Rubber has excellent cut resistance, rebound strength, and abrasion resistance:
  • 90 Degree Direct Impact – Excellent Wear Life
  • 90 Degree – 45 Degree – Excellent Performance
  • 45 Degree – 15 Degree – Good Wear Life
  • > 15 Degree – Excellent Performance (ideal for fine and/or wet materials of slurry)

ICS Wear Group offers CR Liners in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses all designed to absorb and dissipate impact while promoting increased wear life at the critical wear areas of your chutes.

Applications ideal for the ICS CR Liners may include:
  • Wet Applications
  • Sliding Abrasive Applications
  • Fine, Medium, and Coarse Particle Sized Applications
  • High Impact Areas
  • Areas of High Noise Level (reduction upwards of 25 decibels)

Optimal wear life, tensile strength, and tear resistance, ICS can custom size CR Liners to fit your site specific application. Field studies prove ICS CR Liners last upwards of 200% longer than other leading rubber lining materials under similar operating conditions.

  • ICS.NRI40 – excellent tensile strength, tear resistance, rebound, and impact strength. Ideal for slurry applications including wet applications, sliding abrasion, and fine particle sizes up to 1”
  • ICS.NRI60 – excellent tensile strength, tear resistance, rebound, and impact strength. Ideal for applications involving high wear (impact zones) and high noise levels associated with transfer of materials on conveyors and chutes. Specifically designed for areas where the angle of impact does not require the profile rubber to be applied.
  • ICS.NRI6040 – excellent tensile strength, tear resistance, rebound, and impact strength. Ideal for high wear points and impact zones. The 6040 combination creates a cushioned layer (40) providing additional rebound to the (60). The overall thickness is reduced while still withstanding any given impact.
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