Bearing Assemblies (BAU) are a component of the complete pump. The BAU is an important part of slurry pump and the most important part of drive power unit. The BAU is used to connect the Pump to the Motor, its operation will directly affect the service life of the pump.

Wet End parts of the BAU consist of: Laby Seal, Bearing Seal, Piston Rings, End Cover, Shims, Bearing, Grease Retainer.

Drive end parts of the BAU consist of: Grease Retainer, Bearing, Shims, End Cover, Piston Rings, Bearing Seals, Laby Seal.

These parts sit on the shaft and are protected by the bearing housing. See the drawing below for a basic bearing outline.

ICS also offers a complete line of Bearing Assembly Rebuild Kits, consisting of all the internal parts required to rebuild your Bearing Assembly, these kids come in a variety of materials and sizes.

ICS pump bearing assemblies are made with Western bearings and stainless steel end covers and shipped in locally made custom crates to prevent against environmental and shipping hazards.

ICS Bearing Assemblies come in all sizes from 1×1 to 20×18.

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