Mechanical seal arrangements, stuffing boxes and expellers in stainless steel and high chrome white iron, ranging from 28% to 38% HCWI. Our standard is 28% one percent above the normal. Our expeller rings can also be produced in rubber. 

Mechanical Seal Kit for 1.5×1 pump includes: sleeve, mechanical seal, mechanical seal adaptor and frame plate liner insert.

Stuffing Box Seal Arrangements include: seal ring, stuffing box, shaft spacer, lantern restrictor, shaft sleeve, packing and gland seal.

Stuffing Box arrangements come in all sizes from 1×1 to 20×18.

Expeller Seal Arrangements include: seal ring, expeller, expeller ring, shaft sleeve, neck ring, packing, lantern ring, and gland seal.

Expeller Seal arrangements come in all sizes from 1×1 to 20×18.

  • ICS shipping wrap and boxing of pallets gives us even more confidence in ICS products. When we had an issue with a trucking company they supplied us with photos to prove the state of the product when it left their warehouse.
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    Warehouse supervisor / Buyer – Gross Mining
  • Having the ICS team come visit us on site, it allowed us to put a face to a name. The team’s experience identified all the pumps in the mill in less than 3 hours. They then created a master pump list with spare parts and seal for us.
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    Plant Maintenance Planner/Supervisor – Westmoreland Coal
  • ICS’s CRWi30 wet ends extended the life of our slurry pumps in the mill by 63%.
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    Mill Superintendent – Hecla Mining
  • The fit of the pump parts we received from ICS is great no problem what so ever and the delivery time is far superior than that of Weir.
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    Senior Maintenance Planner – Dominion Diamonds
  • ICS Fully Guarantees all their mill liners, sump pumps, replacement parts, slurry pumps and custom castings.
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    Mill Maintenance Planner- Tamra Mining
  • ICS Products save you time and money. ICS is cost effective and has excellent delivery time.
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    Mill Maintenance Superintendent – Red Chris Mine
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